Selasa, 30 September 2014

la bourse paris crystal hair serum

. La Bourse Paris Crystal Hair Serum 30ml
For Damaged & Split-End Hair..
LA BOURSE PARIS Crystal Hair Serum / Damaged, Split-End Hair
with Sunscreen & Vitamin E, Jojobar Oil
To create a soft and beautiful hair condition enriched with nutrition for your hair. The Serum forms a microfilm about each strand of hair, preventing split ends and restoring the hair to a soft condition without causing irritation. The sunscreen agent protects your hair from damage caused by the sun rays.
Application Area:
• Stressed Hair
• Split-End Hair
1X 30ml La Bourse Paris Crystal Hair Serum
After shampoo or hair streightening, wipe the hair dry enough (damp). Apply the appropiate amount of Serum evenly thru your hair. Do NOT rinse the Serum and follow up using hair styling equipment eg. blower.