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gluta max 400k

Max Gluta 400k Super Anti Aging

How to eat : Take 1 tablets after meal times one hour on an empty stomach or eat 1-2 times a day .

Note : To get a clear result should eat the next 1-2 months .

Max Gluta 400000 White skin with pink aura compact front V-Shape skin whitening skin , reduce wrinkles, dark spots , freckles as well as dark spots caused by acne. Pores Skin smooth and safe without side effects . Enriched with the antioxidant vowel with high performance. Results quickly and straight Help slow and reduce wrinkles to fade. Rejuvenation Revitalize your beautiful skin back again.

A key component

L-Glutathione 400000 mg.

Collagen 100000 mg.

Vitamin C 2000 mg.

Coenzyme Q10 100 mg.

Bioflavonoi 100 mg.

Pine Bark Extract 100 mg.

Hyaluonic Acid 100 mg.

Grape Seed Extract 100 mg.

Koji Berry 50 mg.

Acerola Cherry 50 mg.

Green Coffee Berry 50 mg.

Mix Berry Extract 50 mg.

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